Projekto „Joint eco sign for Lithuania‘s and Latvia‘s restaurants and hotels in cultural objects“ partneriai sukūrė eko ženklinimo sistemą pavlediniams viešbučiams ir restoranams

2019 01 07


 The expansion of cultural tourism over recent decades has played a crucial role in the promotion and the protection of tangible and intangible heritage. Lithuania and Latvia are known for the countries‘ cultural heritage objects (especially mansions), little altered natural surroundings, resorts tradition, and many other things.

Both countries have a huge interest in ecotourism and in emphazising the need to protect cultural objects and to efficiently use regional heritage for benefits of both countries.
The project „Joint eco-sign for Lithuania's-Latvia's restaurants and hotels in cultural objects“ started in April 2017 and will come to an end in September 2018. The main objective is to increase the number of visitors to cultural heritage sites in Lithuania-Latvia by the creation of a new eco-sign for restaurants and hotels in those areas.

The main project output would be Sustainable Tourism. It will in the long-run:
 Contribute to increasing the number of tourists and their visit duration to eco-sign hotels and restaurants;
 The newly introduced eco-sign will raise the standards for restaurants and hotels in the cultural heritage area who will have to adapt “green technologies” and to comply with strict other environmental requirements;
 Promote the protection of heritage objects;
 Promote local culture and products;
 Will in different ways benefit the hotel and restaurant consumers, and
 Undoubtedly increase the countries’ competitive advantage.
During the project new and joint eco-sign will be created and implemented. This project is unique in worldwide, because of its focus on cultural heritage objects. New Eco-labeling system represents 11 aspects of sustainable business, 128 evaluation criteria, of which 42 are mandatory. There are 20 project partners involved, from the most beautiful, and state protected buildings in Latvia and Lithuania. All of them operate as accommodation or/and restaurant businesses.

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More information - Eglė Ližaitytė, 8 686 51148